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FI demand new law on mosques Notizie da Bologna e Dintorni
Forza Italia: Galeazzo Bignami
“They need to be certified”
Forza Italia plan to submit a new bill of law to the Region: there must be a census on places of worship or rooms dedicated to religious activities by the Municipalities where they issue certifications on issues of compliance with hygienic and sanitary norms. In particular, it also includes the obligation of the municipality to certify the maximum capacity of prayer rooms calculated in relation to the availability of parking spaces, primary and secondary urbanization works and the connecting roads in ‘Concerned area’.
The legislation wants to avoid that places of worship are not used as inappropriate places for other purposes. “This is the case,” indicated the report that accompanies the bill that “so-called Islamic cultural centres, and managed by cultural associations are used as mosques, and other true places of worship in often inappropriate spaces. The recent regional report on Islamic centres recently highlighted the precariousness of these situations lacking adequate standardization.” With this proposal, regional councillors FI Galeazzo Bignami and Enrico Aimi said, “we intend to introduce clear and transparent rules to the many non-conforming situations that still exist on our territory. We hope that the Region wants to open a discussion on this and that it does not hide from the confrontation by rejecting the project without discussion.”
Islamic centres
At the end of 2016 the Observatory on Religious Pluralism had presented a report to the Legislative Assembly. In it, they state that the number of Islamic worship centres in the region stands at 176. It was the first record on the spread of Islam in the region which is second, after Lombardy, to hold the record for the number of open centres and the number of Muslims: 183,000, or 13% of the total foreigners present in the peninsula. The ranking by the concentration of centres saw Bologna first with 48 centres (14 in cities and 34 in the province), then Modena with 27, Reggio Emilia 22, Ferrara 20, Ravenna 17, Rimini and Forlì-Cesena with 12, and 9 in Parma Piacenza.

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