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Bolognese ‘foreigners’ double to 15% of the pop. Notizie da Bologna e Dintorni
And most are European. The second generation is growing fast as more than one in four is foreign and more than one in three have at least one foreign parent. Almost 9,000 non-Italians were born in Italy representing 15% of the total population.
Foreigners living in Bologna at December 31, 2016 reach 60,000, twice as compared to 2006. They represent 15.4% of the population, young people (average age 34.3 years versus 46.9 Bolognese), with a slight prevalence of women, and they come mainly from European countries.
The flow is continually increasing with some years a slower pace than others. There is a marked increase in the phenomenon of second-generation residents: more than one out of four are foreign and more than one out of three have at least one foreign parent. The 2016 trends concerning foreign citizens in Bologna are contained in a study prepared by the Bureau of Statistics in Palazzo d’Accursio.
Europeans lead the pack
At the end of 2016, foreigners living in Bologna rose to 59,646, which accounted for 15.4% of the population. They are mostly Europeans (42.2%) and Asian citizens (36.3%). The top five of the most represented nations are Romania (9,450), the Philippines (5,277), Bangladesh (4,917), Pakistan (4,062), Moldova (4,011), followed by Morocco, Ukraine, China, Albania, and Sri Lanka. The are 149 nationalities present in Bologna.
Among those resident in the city are more women: 31,983 versus 27,663 men – although there are considerable differences between the various nationalities. Those who come from Europe, from the Far East or from Latin America are predominantly women, while males are considerably larger among people from the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and Africa.
The top spot for multi-ethnicity goes to Bolognina, where there are about 9,000 foreigner residents, approximately 26 foreigners per 100 inhabitants, much higher than the municipal average, which stands at 15.4%. San Donato follows with 19:100, then Santa Viola with 18:100. In Corticella and Lame there are 17 per 100 inhabitants, while in the areas around the hills there are only 875 foreigners per 100, equal to 10% of the total population of the area.
Most foreigners arriving in Bologna are an active age and come for work reasons, replenishing the family nucleus, which often includes children. That is why foreign residents are on average younger than the Bolognese: their average age is 34.3 years, while that of the Bolognese population in general is 46.9. Foreign children and teenagers under 14 represent 17.3% of the population (and 22.5% of residents in this age group) while 72.7% of foreigners are under 45.
Office for neo-residents in Bologna:
Second generation
The children of foreigners born or raised only in Bologna understand very different realities. Nearly all of the foreigners under the age of 3 reside in Bologna from birth (94.5%). 85.9% of preschool children (3-5 years old) lived at least half of their life in Bologna. Between 6-14 years, almost 7 out of 10 foreigners have lived at least half of their existence in the city. Among them, the largest proportion is the number of children who have been born and lived here for a long time, representing 46.4 % of foreign children in the group of compulsory education ages.
Among the second generation, there are 8,919 people living as non-Italian Bolognese born in this country and representing 15% of foreigners. The Romanians are the largest group of second-generation resident here (1,244), Bangladesh (965), the Philippines (927), China (905) and Morocco (818).
Foreigners born and legally resident in Italy without interruption until the age of adult hood can become Italian citizens if they are between 18 and 19 years old and declare that they want to acquire citizenship at the Civil Status Office in their city of residence. The phenomenon is on the rise and concerns an increasing proportion of neo-foreign citizens. Residents born in Italy who have acquired Italian citizenship between 18 and 19 years old at the Civil Status Office in Bologna total 489 and their countries of origin are mainly the Philippines (128 people), China (116) and Morocco (47).
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