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HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Erasmus Notizie da Bologna e Dintorni
Alma Mater to celebrate 30 years of Erasmus…with a party of course!

Naturally, the Student Council have decided the best way to celebrate 30 years of the Erasmus program would be to hold a huge student party. A spokesperson said, “It will be held in September.”
The Student Council is the academic body representing university students, but they declared that it will not only be a celebration: “On the one hand we would like to invite former students who have done their Erasmus here,” explained the president Fabiana Maraffa, “but on the other we also want to focus on the future of this exchange program and the European Union itself, as founded by the so-called Erasmus generation.” In short, “it will be an important time to reflect on the issues and possible improvements to be made to the project, with the aim of enhancing the experience both within the Alma Mater and at a national and European level, by submitting proposals to the relevant bodies,”
It was not the only idea that emerged from the Student Council. They also voted unanimously for “identifying a way that involves students in the city’s political life, as is already the case in Cesena, for example, through the Consulta Universitaria .” A student councillor will be appointed so that they can intervene in political decisions at the Comune level.
House hunting – another major issue every year for Erasmus students.
PD Councillor Vinicio Zanetti also responded positively: “It is finally time for a true representation of the students to give them more responsibility and participate in the democratic life of the city.”
For those who struggle to look for study areas, this is one of the keys issues, which the Student Council have battled with for a long time. One such place is in Via Belmeloro, which undergone upgrades to its facilities. And the university has maintained a commitment to keeping it open in order to replace the Humanistic Library closed after the violent protest that saw its destruction last winter. By the end of the year, a study room will be opened in the former Red Cross building on Via San Petronio Vecchio and another in the ex-Veneta. Unfortunately, for many students it’s still not enough because it seems more people seek out dedicated spaces to study since most classrooms close at the weekends.
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