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Well-mannered bank robbers steal €100,000 Notizie da Bologna e Dintorni
Then take their time robbing safes
Customers and employees of the Banco di San Geminiano and San Prospero were politely ushered into a separate room in the bank and asked not to come out until well after the bank robbers were gone.
Witnesses caught up in the robbery spoke of two men with “An impeccable aplomb and calmly taking away a €100,000 booty.”
The Banco di San Geminiano and San Prospero, is located in via Dozza, outside Emilia-Levante. Two men came into the bank at about 3pm while there were about ten people in the branch, including employees and clients.
Incredulously, no arms or any weapons were detected on them. The two simply ‘invited’ all those present to go into another room after which they asked an employee to unlock the timed safes. Then, they waited.
The hostages waited patiently and nervously for an hour inside the room all the while the two robbers cleaned out the cashier desks.
After devoting themselves diligently to sweeping up all the cash, the two proceeded to empty the security boxes and wait patiently for the cash machine to unlock. A police spokespersons said:
“It was a very clean job. At about the 1600 the robbers made their way out of the bank without hurting anyone, to a an accomplice waiting outside. They probably fled away from the scene so we are going to study any cameras in the area.”
When the customers and staff, still mildly shocked from the experience, immediately raised the alarm. The carabinieri began collecting testimonies from the scene and so far point to the fact that the suspects were Italian, between 35-40 years old, and rather distinct due to their ‘polite’ behaviour. However, no particular dialect inflection was noticed meaning it may be harder to pin down their origin. Internal surveillance cameras have already been sequestered for examination. It’s very probable the two men in particular are not based in Bologna since they did not cover their faces but they may have had help from locals in researching and carrying out surveillance of the bank leading up to the robbery.
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