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Luvin’ Bologna Notizie da Bologna e Dintorni
Japanese tourist can’t get enough…
Laura Bizzari, Izumi Kato and Antonella Orlandi
If you ask an Italian aficionado what their biggest dream is, they would probably say “living like an Italian.” Well, with Love Italian , a personal teaching Italian experience, this dream came true for a Japanese woman who spent 7 days living, speaking and eating like an Italian, exploring the beautiful area in and around   Bologna and having wonderful experiences with the locals.
Izumi Kato is a 52-year-old hairdresser from Japan with a long life passion for the Italian language and culture. In the past, this love for Italy led her to visit several cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples, but this time Izumi wanted a different, less touristy experience. In fact, her purpose was returning to Italy was not only to travel and explore as a tourist, but first of all to study the Italian language, to delve into the Italian culture and live it like a local. It can seem impossible, especially if you don’t have Italian friends and if your Italian knowledge is basic but actually, thanks to Love Italian and its professional and well-connected teachers, it was possible for Izumi to enjoy this experience.
Love Italian provides intensive tailor-made individual Italian courses with personal Italian native speaker tutors who live with you for the whole period of your stay, showing you the Italian life-style and travelling with you. Izumi’s attentive tutors were Laura Bizzari and Antonella Orlandi. They were other helpful collaborators who assisted them in this experience and helped Izumi enjoy the full Italian life style.
Together they explored the beautiful city of Bologna, tasting the real traditional food and making real experiences. Izumi went around with Laura and Antonella, and had the opportunity of seeing Bologna from the perspective of a local, enjoying the Italian habits and discovering the beautiful atmosphere.
They also showed Izumi the amazing area around Bologna, taking her out off the beaten tracks that tourists are used to following when in Italy. Under the advice of her teachers, Izumi made up a personal travel plan visiting Modena, Ferrara and Ravenna. They also spent one day in the thermal baths of Salsomaggiore. In fact, travelling through a country with locals always gives you a more complete view over the things you see and the reality you’re facing. She also attended cooking classes, visited a really famous traditional balsamic vinegar farm, and had dinner with locals. A visit to Trattoria Annamaria was a must and here she met the staff and the famous Annamaria, discovering the secrets of handmade fresh pasta and tasting delicious traditional dishes. She also met an Italian hairdresser and they talked a lot sharing their professional experience.
Despite the difficulties of learning another language, Izumi learned a lot. Better still are the many occasions of meeting people in social circumstances, discovering the beauty of Italy and living like an Italian are some of the unforgettable experiences she will take back with her to Japan. That’s not the end however, as now, she can start planning again for next year!
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